How-to Block Ads

Use any of the following browsers with Adblock Plus add-on enabled.

Google Chrome:

If you don’t already have Google Chrome installed on your computer, you can install it from here.

Then, using Chrome browser, click here to add the Adblock Plus Add-on to Chrome.

You’re ready to go!

Mozilla Firefox:

If you don’t already have Firefox installed on your computer, you can install it from If you do already have Firefox installed, ensure that you have the latest version by clicking here .

Then, using Firefox, click here to install the Adblock Plus Add-on. After installing the Add-on you will be prompted to restart Firefox. After restarting Firefox, the first time you use this Add-on, you will be prompted to select a filter subscription;

Select the following subscription from the menu: EasyList (English)
Then click on: Add subscription

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  1. U are doing a wonderful work,keep it up,more Grace to serve GOD in truth & spirit more & MORE,THANKS

  2. Yo! Bro Silas just found out your website on my mobile fone and i’m so excited thankng Göd for your effort showng your burdens for the lost..may all saved CHRISTian desires of it as the Lörd our Göd give that same burden.. Anyway can i download this movies on my mobile fone? Pls.advce how, asap, thank you & Lördbless…

  3. Thanks very much for your help and God’s grace in your life!! Please, do keep it up. May God continually bless you!!

  4. Thank u bro silas for this great site thank God for using u to lift my faith in Him I love u

  5. i’m already do as the instruction above, but i still don’t get it.. what is the function block ads on page.. i still can’t to see the video.. even in youtube..

  6. thanks a lot silas.. for this adblock add on.. no words to tell how useful this piece of info was for me n my frnds.

  7. This is an awesome ministry Silas. Glory be to God.
    Thank you for your faithful service.

    I suggest inbedding a link to ***URL Removed*** on your site.
    This is a ministry of Calvary Chapel Ft.Lauderdale, FL where we, as a church body, believe strongly in discipleship. And it is our senior pastor’s (Bob Coy) heart that we reach out to others “until the whole world hears.” Not to mention that this is what the Word instructs us to do as well. Amen

    God bless you brother.

    1. Dear Fernando,
      Glory be to God!

      I’m glad to know about your Church that strongly believes in Discipleship. But I’m sorry, I don’t promote any URL on this website as suggested.
      God bless you..!

  8. Dear Silas,

    My sincerest apology for including URL’s with my suggestion/comment.
    I’m enjoying much of the other content from your site.
    Just finished watching Sandeep Poonen’s teaching. It was inspiring.
    Thank you again.
    Peace and blessing to you…

  9. Hi, thank you so much for your movies and advice. I tried to do the add block but it never asked me to restart my computer and so never prompted me to choose easy list English or add subscription. Not sure what happened there. May God continually bless you.

  10. Please, Silas Zechariah, I have downloaded and installed the “u Torrent”, still I cannot download even when I copy and paste the below text into my browser’s address bar to directly download from the magnet link. Please, what do I do next? Thank u

    1. Please, am using my office network to browse and they denied access to most of the URL. Please, can you help me with the already downloaded movies in my e-mail box? Thank u in anticipation. My e-mail address is “***eMail ID hidden***”

      Dear Ahanihu,
      As you say that you’re not able to download using uTorrent, I’d recommend the second best option to go with the DownloadHelper add-on for Firefox browser.

  11. thank silas, God bless u for the wonderful job u re doing. May de powerful hand of our God be de elevator of your life. to take you heights the wisdom, knowledge, understanding and strength of this world can’t take you. stay blessed.

    1. Dear Thomas,
      The Christian movies which are clean & edifying alone have been listed. The links to them are gathered from different sites from the internet. I hold no copyright to any of the movies listed.

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